The department offers postgraduate fellowship training in various subspecialties. These are advanced training and higher learning modules aimed for trainees wishing to pursue a practice in the subspecialty independently and as a consultant. 

     The roster of consultants supervising the fellows have extensive practice in their subspecialty were trained abroad and locally and have extensive practice enabling them to share their expertise in patient management and anesthesia education.

      The programs run for one to two years consisting of clinical, research, teaching activities, and attendance to subspecialty meetings and conferences. A research output is required to complete the fellowship program. The program is open to graduates of PBA-accredited residency training who have passed the PBA written examination.



Section Chief: Geraldine Raphaela B. Jose, MD, DPBA, FPSA



Serafin L. Bernardo V, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Mary Ellen M. Chiong-Perez, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Ma. Concepcion L. Cruz, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Loreto A. Fellizar, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Anna Margarita F. Hilvano-Corsiga, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Antonio Alan S. Mangubat, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Karl Matthew C. Sy Su, MD, DPBA

     Considered to be the first Neuroanesthesia Fellowship program in the Philippines, it is a 1-year formal training program designed to develop a comprehensive and in-depth clinical exposure to the perioperative management of neurosurgical procedures. It provides outstanding didactic instructions and research opportunities in all aspects of neurosurigcal anesthesia through the weekly section conference. The program offers updated information as well as the opportunity to apply current techniques. The fellows attend to both elective and emergency neurosurgical cases and do post-operative rounds in wards and intensive care units. The participation of fellows in local and international continuing medical education activities is highly prioritized by the section. 


Section Chief: Ma. Concepcion L. Cruz, MD, DPBA, FPSA


Frederick C. Bandola, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Roland S. Capito, MD, DPBA, FPSA 

Carlo D. G. Catabijan, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Alfonso A. Doloroso, MD, DPBA, FPSA 

Grace Anne B. Herbosa, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Imelda L. Hernando-Abelardo, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Alexandra Nina D.C. Odi, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Edgard M. Simon, MD, DPBA, FPSA

     Obstetric Anesthesia fellowship training program provides the venue for clinical research where the anesthesiologist is provided with the opportunity to discover within the bounds of medical ethics, new methods and new techniques of alleviating labor pain as well as more suitable and improved anesthetic procedures for the parturient and her baby. Obstetric Anesthesia is a 1-year program of supervised training followed by another year of clinical research. The course consists of didactic activities and tutorials, conferences, wet clinics, basic and clinical research, participation in postgraduate courses and course evaluation through written and oral/practical examination.


Section Chief: Catherine Renee B. Reyes, MD, DPBA, FPSA


Grace G. Catalan, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Karel Ann A. Espejo, MD, DPBA

Sheila B. Espina-Bertoso, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Luretta E. Tayao, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Benjamin Daniel S. Valera, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Evangeline K. Villa, MD, DPBA, FPSA

     The Pediatric Anesthesia fellowship training program was initiated to train anesthesiologists in the perioperative care of children. It is a 1-year program that provides intensive training in the perioperative anesthetic management of the pediatric patient for elective and emergency surgeries in simple and complicated cases. The program focuses on the anatomic, physiologic and pharmacologic considerations unique to the pediatric patient and identifies existing medical and anesthetic problems inherent to a case, anticipates their occurrence during the perioperative period, and to apply appropriate corrective measures.


Section Chief: Dominic D. Villa, MD, DPBA, FPSA


Kathrina Isabel M. Epino, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Ma. Lourdes Josefina A. Koh-Cabaluna, MD, DPBA FPSA

Ma. Dolma G. Santos, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Emmanuel Q. Villano, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Considered to be the first Pain Management fellowship in the country, the 2-year program aims to develop among clinical fellows the knowledge and understanding of the concepts of pain mechanisms, perception and management, and the skills essential to their clinical application. The goal is to optimize patient outcomes by training well-rounded algologists who could manage pain in all its stages, severity and mechanisms.


Section Chief: Serafin L. Bernardo V, MD, DPBA, FPSA


Grace G. Catalan, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Grace Anne B. Herbosa, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Geraldine Raphaela B. Jose, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Perlita J. Macaisa, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Jo-An Trilde F. Ocubillo, MD, DPBA, FPSA

Abelardo Alan T. Prodigalidad, MD, DPBA, FPSA

     The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Anesthesia fellowship training program is a 2-year program designed for clinical and in-depth research expertise among fellows. Programs are individualized to meet the goals of successful applicants. Generally, clinical experience is the focus of the 1st year fellowship training. The 2nd year center on clinical research and teaching. The training aims to develop the knowledge and understanding of all aspects of perioperative care of cardiothoracic patients and skills essential to their clinical applications. 

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