Dr. Quintin J. Gomez Post-anesthesia Care Unit

A 40-bed capacity recovery unit equipped with centralized monitoring and staffed with nurses trained to handle post-operative and critically-ill patients.

Conference Room and Lecture Rooms

The department is equipped with a conference room where plenary conferences are held and smaller lecture rooms for small group discussions and pocket conferences.


The library holds a collection of anesthesia books. The university provides 24/7 wifi connection essential for accessing online journals and updating the patient database system (AENDICUS 2).

Modern Anesthesia Machines and Equipment

The department recently updated its equipment  with top-of-the-line anesthesia machines,  monitors  capable of basic and advanced monitoring, advanced airway devices, fluid and medication delivery systems and other accessories.

Simulation Room

Equipped with the advanced Human Patient Simulator (HPS) for simulation sessions. After the recent renovations, the room will be moved to an pperating room suite. 

Resident's Lounge


Renovated in 2014 through the generous efforts of its alumni, the resident's lounge was designed to provide the trainees a conducive place for resting and studying. The complex is divided into the study hall, dining hall, sleeping area, storage area and 2 bathrooms. 

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